Monday, August 8, 2016

Just Keep Going

Hello guys!
I am back for some inspiring words today which is the ultimate aim of why I started blogging way back when. I miss posting blog post like this. 
Who doesn't want some lift up in life? a tea, coffee, photography or anything that inspires you makes the whole world goes round.
Today, I would talk about keep going on in life. Keep going on chasing dreams (well not really chasing forever but actually catching them at one's very hands). Keep going on to something you like in life or someone who wants you to become. Well truly, it's easy to start  or create a dream but keep going on to reach them is hard to do and sometimes catastrophic. There are so many people who will talk back and halt your success and end you like a blahhhh.
So here are some ways to hold still, yet slowly keep going on reaching on your dreams:
1. Remember the reasons why you started.
You may always head forward, but there is a magic thing-y of looking back. Maybe you will be inspired again by the reasons you put on why you started to dream that big.
2. Failure is normal.
Perfection is boring. Life is real and does have a lot of pot holes. Remember... someone who tries fails at some point in life. Maybe there are pot holes along the way, but as long as it is drive-able it is all right. A man who never fails is out of this world.
3. Mind your own business.
Your dreams are so big that ordinary people cannot even understand. Well, there is nothing wrong with you; it is with them. Share your thoughts and dreams to those people who are open-minded  and have dreams as big as yours. But, they are so rare. Keep doing because you will just find them on the way.
4. Continue to be inspired.
Seek inspiration everywhere. Read a lot; explore so many things and places; try new things and many more. Take a look at to some little things and be grateful. Capture views that inspire your being. Live to the fullest and full of creativity.
5.  Put your dreams to work and focus on your destination.
Just keep going, doing and of course praying.

God bless.
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