Sunday, September 25, 2016

Some Inspiring Life Lessons

 I want to address these tips to myself since lately I am not into publishing blog posts because of the busy activities in school, but I shoot during the weekend for my blog and review though. And for those who started out, but lost inspiration to go beyond, here are some helpful ways to proceed from a lack of motivation (sometimes)  blogger like me. (insert smiling emoji)

1. Beauty is everywhere.
Set your mind with this quote everyday, so you can see beauty from everywhere, from people, things and many more. With that, you stop hating, correcting, bullying, but go on appreciating everything.

2. Don't compare yourself with others. You will become vain or bitter for always there are better and lesser persons that yourself.- Desiderata
You are uniquely beautiful as you are just like anybody else in this world. You are a daffodil in the garden of rose. You have always a purpose why you are here. You can create inspiration in this world. Comparing yourself with others means immaturity in its simplest way.

3. Focus on improving yourself more and more each day to get those dreams of yours. 
Compete with yourself, not with others. Do not build your happiness from others' sadness; it won't last a lifetime. Stay focus and work for your goals.

4. Always have plans.
Having a "come what may" attitude is maybe an good thing to lessen stress in life, but having a plan or more is far better. It is always good to be organized. Having plans, you stay focus; if plan A doesn't work, go to plan B, C or D. Trust me, it is always better to have plans. Five years from now, when you look back and you look at those notes of yours about your plans, you feel happy inside that you were able to achieve them. If not, don't worry you still have time.

5. Count your blessings literally.
Don't focus on the pot holes you are now; focus on the brighter side of life always. Remember, everyday is a gift, a blessing, a miracle, a chance and an opportunity. Be grateful to wake up each day. Be grateful with the people you meet -good or bad; they give lessons you just don't notice.

6. Take care of everything and everybody that you have.
Love them,and use them in a good way. Remember in a silent way people look up to you as a treasure trove of inspiration. Be inspiring always.

7. Seek inspiration everywhere especially when down moments come.
 By that, you thank Him for having you in this world.

8. Let the haters hate; they are only good at hating.
This is normal, but who by your own rules. They will talk behind you, but truly enough they stalk on you. Thank God you have one fan to be inspired on. 

9. People's praises don't matter always.
Don't get upset if you are not praised with your clothes, beauty, work, hair and everything. They don't matter sometimes. Maybe your level of fashion is not matched to yours, or maybe they don't really know about it because true enough people perceive differently according to their level of maturity, thinking, knowledge and many more.
What matters most is you serve Him well. His praises do matter most.

10. Don't waste the time. 
Always have meaningful things to do everyday. Don't waste every moment; make it count everyday. Express your true self, and above all act everyday. 
If some things fail, PRAY. (it is effective)

I hope you have a great weekend everyone.

Let us make the world full of inspirations, less hate and more love. ("v")

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