Thursday, October 6, 2016


I don’t know about you, but I swear I so much love scrubbing my skin that every after shower I splurge on loads and loads of lotion to keep it hydrated. I scrub my skin whenever I feel to since I travel 60 minutes or more a day to and fro to get rid of dirt. I tend to forget that there is a limit to
scrub my skin a week.
But, good thing there is a scrub I really like that is 99% natural, vegan friendly and never tested on animals
It is Mermaid Body Coconut Scrub from!
 It is made of coconut shell ground into powder, coconut sugar harvested from coconut buds, coconut flesh grated by hand and dried in the island sun, and virgin coconut oil cold pressed from coconut flesh.

I really like it so much that after scrubbing my skin, it really feels like a baby’s butt- so soft, moist and shiny. I now use it in my scrubbing essentials since obviously it gives me a nice result.

If you try it, try to focus on the problem areas like the elbows and knees too because these areas are rough and scaly, and then move to other parts like the legs. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes and voila-SILKY, SMOOTH SKIN! Truly a Mermaid Glow!

You can also finish it by washing off with your favorite soap.
 I suggest using with your favorite cologne or perfume after to achieve that sophisticated goodness with silky smooth skin.

Try it now!
 You can try it on your face too, but do it gently!

(This is a sponsored post.)
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