Tuesday, May 20, 2014

20 Things I Always Put In My Mind

We all have things that we do everyday, and we feel bad when we skip one thing out of them. Those things vary- whether they are academic,professional, religious, political, fashion or beauty "matters" depending on what we aim for a day. 
These things I post today are taken from Cory Quirino's article fro inquirer newspaper that I read
when I was in college still, and until now I bear them in my mind or read them over and over again from my note.

1. Make every minute count.
2. Be mindful of the forbidden hours. No-no 11 AM- 3PM
3. Clean face of course. Don't sleep without cleaning otherwise you will suffer from skin breakout.
4. Skin lightening once a week.
5. Yoga. Have a meditation.
6. Eat well.
7. Make baking and cooking a hobby.
8. Group hobbies
9. Vary your exercise.
10. Dance 'til you drop.
11. Sleep as much as you can.
12. Have a coffee for wide awake eyes and mind.
13. Crossword Puzzles...(nobody wants to be dumb when he/she becomes old)
14. Go to church on Sundays or read the bible even.
15. Sunday Fiesta
16. Smile;don't cry because it is the antidote to sadness.
17. Look your best always.
18. Socialize and keep updated.
19. Rest and relax.
20. Hide from the sun. Depend on sunscreens, shades, hats, umbrellas, or largest towel for cover up.

And when you're old, your self will thank you for them. 
Have a great day!

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