Thursday, May 22, 2014


Early blog post today to fill up the yesterday's blogpost hiatus.
moving on....
I don't believe that there is life after death, because biblically when man dies, he is in deep slumber, and he will be risen when the ressurection of Christ comes, and from that there comes "judgment day". And the chosen ones will live everlastingly in a new world after being judged.
Ugghhhhh...I'm too granny right now...moving on...
You only live once and there is no other life than the life that you have now, so love it than any other thing in this world (but not to the fact that you become selfish). Life is beautiful in a humble way. You only live once, so:
1. Capture every minute.
2. laugh a lot.
3. Thank everything you have.
4. Eat (but not a lot);control it, or you may end up sick.
5. Face your fears.
6. Love like there is no tomorrow.
7. Have a travel (for free even).
8. Leave a legacy.
9. Make an everlasting impression.
10. Seize the day, and put no trust on tomorrow.

The hands found in the two pictures above ruin these pics, but it all worth a blog though.

Remember,  even if you only live once, thinking of others well and will still matters. Be considerate.
Love lots, Jehan

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