Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gypsy For A Day

Sorry for a late blog post for today; I hope I made a
If you were to wander in a day, where would you be? What are you going to wear?, and what do you have with you?
What types of questions are these....ugggghhh ;anyway, if I were to wander in a day, I would love
to be in  a beach, in a resort or in an island. I love the essence of the cerulean sea. Luckily, I live in the Northern part of Cebu where beaches are outnumbered. Just ride in  a bicycle and go to the nearest beach possible and sometimes lucky to have it for free.
What am I going to wear? Well, I'm going to wear clothes that would absorb sweat like this cotton shirt I'm wearing, sunglasses with UV protection to protect my precious eyes, trousers so that my legs won't scorch, a chic hat and of course loads and loads of sunscreen.
And obviously what do I have with me? food and water. I want to be still alive and kicking while

shades from avon, shirt from cotton onfitflop, vintage black trousers, vintage black bonnet
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