Sunday, May 4, 2014

Summer Travel Wish List

Sorry for the blog hiatus, everyone. I am making a "do", but time and money hinder Anyway, hopefully this blog post would make a big "do".
Just like others, I am always a dreamer, and maybe the kind of life I live now is always a part of my dream- shall I say " I am living a dream". And as a dreamer (forever) I have so many things to do and
places to go. Let's start with the places to go. Just like I said I always have a summer destination because I love summer. But the summer destination (found in the Philippines) I am posting hopefully will not always be a dream but soon to be reality. lol
1. El Nido Palawan. Everybody is talking about this, and the view is a paradise  for my eyes. Let's just say it is a sight for my sore eyes.
2. Boracay. It is always an international name.
3. Shangrila Resort. Awe-inspiring one
4. Eden Garden Davao City. Naturely-inspiring
5. Kalanggaman Island. An island that shaped like a bird  ("langgam is a Visayan term for bird) who kows it would fly me up high  lol. Too bad my colleagues and I were not able to go to this island- financial matter hehehe- every wanderluster's ordeal.
Traveling abroad doesn't guarantee a well-traveled man  where in fact there are so many places to visit locally.
For me, since I don't have a budget to visit them, I just satisfy my wanderlust in just a calm beach like the pictures above.

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