Friday, June 20, 2014

Simply Extraordinary

Every now and then I update my blog  posts because when I see and reread them, I found little errors on my writing and found boring pics. But beyond all these things, I am still happy because the once dreamed blog of mine is at my hand now. But I am still dreaming of a real website of mine in the future (but that time maybe will be a collaboration with my two beautiful sisters, Rashel and Ate Glaiza.) if I can have a spare and stable income for a developer. I mean I still want to pursue our (Ate
and I) dreams which are courses pertaining to arts, films, and the like that did not match to our chosen profession (blame it to financial matter lol). But we are still happy with our profession. Hopefully, Rashel can have her own love course; she is still a high school student actually.
What the... what's the connection with the title? Oh yeah I never thought I could publish articles like this in my blog because I am a shy type of person (a bit loner actually; you can just see me in public wearing jeans and shirt combo), but my face is thickened because of teaching. Come on , nobody wants a shy teacher (nobody will listen to you). That's why people in my past feel shocked when I have posts on FB that are unusual to them because they didn't see me like that. Actually, the "me" now is a shadow of me before. It was a shadow before because it was covered with my shyness with my thyroid illness-I sweat excessively and palpitated abnormally. I was not physically normal and even did not enjoy my teenage years. But I promise to myself that when I'd be cured, I would fill in the gap. So now, I'm enjoying my life as a it was not easy to be sick, but I'm thankful enough because it made me simply extraordinary. lol
For the people out there, thank you so much for peeking at my world by reading my blog posts. It means so much to me. Thank you. ;-)
anvil crop shirt, rider's short, 
photos by :Rashel Mohammad

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