Sunday, June 22, 2014

Eye Candy

LOCATION: Lingay Beach Resort, San Remigio, Cebu

My first love color when I was a child was yellow. When I had my drawing before, I always drew yellow crayons on the lines of my drawing for highlight, and my eyes popped up to the finished product, shining. But in the fashion maybe or for sure does the same. This outfit I have here worth a thousand peek on my cellphone, and did my eyes pop? Yes, of course and with the blue sky as a
background, I seem like a sun in its vastness (thanks to Jemar for these photos). And with the color blocking on my skirt I seem like an eye
The colors in my ensemble portray happiness. Yes, I am happy. Though I'm still waiting for an item to come in my (our in general) way (ways), but there is no reason to be sad. Time is short to be like that. As long as you know you are happy within, it will exude. And no matter how many pictures to be shot to knock me out...come on girl... I know the story behind it,,,Dear told me so, and it won't affect me . You can't fix yourself by ruining others...remember that (if you are smart enough) Sounds like a bomb; just clarifying and figuring out though. And if you don't have anything to do rather than stalking and intervening others business, just sit and fix
Good luck everyone...

yellow shirt from Ate Benita, skirt from Ate Claire, flats from mags, avon earrings

photos by :Jemar Bostrello
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