Monday, June 23, 2014

Prim And Proper

My very first mood when I'm wearing formal clothes in formal and informal occasions is prim and proper. Of course every girl should be prim and proper; boys fall down on that. Wild and free personality could do the same, but that's another story.
As a teacher we were taught to be like that. We are role models just like I said. And this outfit is
usually my go-getter to school when wash day- a polo tuck-in a flare jeans with a belt of the same hue and a wedge (I actually wear flats, but they are not fit to this flare and make me look ..dahh...whatever) remind me of my traditional teachers (with a stick and eyeglasses) when I was in elementary in Mindanao. But I'm far from traditional because in this outfit in order to break from it, I opted for clean ponytail for a strict vibe, simple make up for sweet aura, and white well-structured bag for a sophisticated touch. Overall, I'm a mix of modern and traditional one; that's what some other modern girls are.
Good luck.
feel sorry for the folded side tip of my jeans hehehehe

levi's  jeans, gold tone earrings, belt, white bag from Ate Benita, plaid top and necklace from Ate Claire, floche wedge
photos by: Rash Mohammad
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