Friday, June 27, 2014

Live Love Laugh

I am a type of fashionista (maybe?) that's frugal and would not spend "sometimes" voluptuous amount of money for something branded. I mean you can be a fashionista without spending too much - it's how you carry the dress that matters. You can have "ukay2" even. Some of the clothes I post are pieces down on me by my mother and grandma hahaha (sounds blah), but I love them because they
are vintage pieces.And as you can see in my previous blog posts, I always thank Ate Claire because nearly half of the clothes in my closet were given by her,and nearly half of my accessories were given by Ate Benita Baring. And a way of thanking them is blogging the things they have given  to show to them that I live with the graces they gave, love each piece they gave, and have a laugh when I see them in my blog.

P.S. This is actually what I wore when I hosted the BRS (Bogo Redeemers Societay) Night last May 25, 2014 (in celebration with the Bogo City Fiesta)
Thank you Sir Kenneth June YbaƱez for trusting me to host the said event.It's really my pleasure hosting.
Sorry I wasn't able to capture even a photo ;-) BAD BLOGGER

heels from natasha
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