Thursday, July 17, 2014

Call Me Lovely

When I was a child, I was really tomboyish- fighting with my troublesome classmates with my fist, and kicking with my older sister when we had an argument hahahha. But I had a chubby girly body feature. That's why people pinched me because I was cute- that's according to them ;-) But my face was rugged and my hair was unmanageabl-y blonde (maybe lola's (of the paternal side) american feature prevailed) due to everyday swimming at the sea under the scorching sun. I was tan; I didn't know spf then. I was really a child, and I did really enjoy my childhood in Davao del Sur and Eastern Samar. Blame it to the deep cerulean sea
where my cousins, playmates and I played. Until I became a teenager and my rugged face became even more rugged, and others would say that I am just an adopted because I have a different feature from my siblings...Ate Glai is pretty and demure, Rash too.
"How to be lovely?", I asked. "Well you walk slowly (come on, I would be late in school; home to school is one kilometer away; can you give me a drive?), smile, angle and manage your feature"....too tiring...
Until it came to an end that I manage to follow them and see bloggers and picture-holics and found being lovely in a pose is dramatic. lol
Anyway, what is even lovelier in this post is a top like this that accentuates my shoulder and exudes femininity. This top is a vintage one from which I remember this was given by a neighbor when I was Grade 5. I just keep it though until I use it now for my blog. 
I wish I had more tops like this.
gap shorts, vintage top, earrings and necklace from Ate Benita, bangle from Ate Glai, elegance heels

photos by: Rash

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