Sunday, August 3, 2014

Three Ways To Dress These Rainy Days

This day's blog post features one of my two models, Debbie Jane Nuenos, (the other one will be my sister who will be  featured next) with her charming personality as chinita and her ways on how to dress this month's rainy season. 

1. Color Blocking and with Serious Blue
Though rainy seasons seem gloomy to the eyes and cold within, but this isn't the time to dress gloomy too. Color blocking and with serious blue seems like a colorful day and cerulean sky within you.
2. Dress and Flats 
Of course, when its raining really really hard nothing beats comfort with upper knee length dress and flats to easy walking in the rain (but I recommend waterproof boats).

3. Semi Long Sleeve with a Touch of High- Waisted Shorts
If you feel cold (but not much) try covering your body (upper part) and feel the cold scent of the rain in your legs. Of course don't forget the heels for formal vibe.

make-up and photos by me, Jehan
clothes and accessories are models own

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