Thursday, July 17, 2014

That Type Of Lass

We aim to be as unique as we are and aspire  to be that type of person we would be remembered. But in today's mob-force world, we get to be involved to what' s in and buzz- about now. I mean if "selfie" is everybody's tongue, we get to involved with it, and if a nation mourned and laughed at something, we share our sorrows or happiness to it. We really want to be in. If all are wearing branded and order things online and be as fashionable as they wanted to be, we get to be like that too. I know..I know it's hard to pace on
the road less traveled by for the reason that we fear to fail and fear of the unfamiliar or eerie things for our eyes; as a whole we don't want to get out of our comfort zone.
 I wish I were Robert's Frost's daughter so that each day of my life would be a great and unique adventure. But human as I am, I too fear of the unknown. Though I walked (and still walking) already roads less traveled by (and I was happy), I can't help walking with the familiar ones.

And to deviate from what is common today as a fashion blogger, I opted to be that type of lass I can be - staying with comfortable ensemble - with a hat to protect me from the sun and rain (too), with lass--y top and skirt and with flats to let my feet comfortable while I'm pacing another road less traveled by. 
"Those who leave the familiar shores will find new oceans"

top from gap, khaki skirt from side stancenatasha flats, hat

photos by: Rash

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