Monday, July 14, 2014

How To Be The Best Person You Can Be

We aim perfection in almost anything we do, but sad to say we are not perfect. Since we can't achieve the realm of perfecting things at our might, we just aim to be the best. And badly enough for our selves when we aim to be the best one, we forgot to be a good one ;-( And that's exactly what I am talking about here-that when we just do the good the good thing, we are our half way to the best person we can be.
1. Do greet everybody. Yeah, I mean not maybe with words but with a smile. Good thing, we are just the
only creature (is there any?) created by the Father who can smile. Even to the people you don't know, give a smile. Remember, everybody is facing a great battle every day, and one way to let them trust the world again is greeting them- to let them feel that there are still who care and value them.
2. Share the share-able things. Yes only those things that are share-able like extra money, food, things,etc...because human as we are and naturally a selfish one, there are still things (even how small or common) that we don't want to share like boyfriends, girlfriends, regular jollibee french fries for your hungry stomach, and one slice of pizza (damn), etc.
3. Do help. Even how small and whatever help is, it is still appreciated. But, let's be realistic, in today's world financial help is really needed.
4. Don't anticipate for a return sake of your help. Help heartily enough. If you give a penny, don't expect two or more pennies in return (you know what I mean 5/6); it's not help at all.
5. In today's technological world, it is good to stalk to your crush, bffs' activities, bf/ gf's exes (damn) and everything else on facebook but remember hurting someone out of it is not part of the word. Remember the word be "good"
6. Speak in plain terms (no more "damn" lol). Even if you are angry with someone, speaking plainly would pacify the rage in your heart (Let God do the judgment)
7. Be silent. Yeah that's what I do. I am silent most of the time because according to the bible "the meek will soon dominate the earth (not literally though).
8. Just wait patiently. But until when? That's the thing that I don't know the answer.
9. Appreciate everything you have no matter how small because by the time comes that it will lose, you will miss it and appreciate its value badly enough.
10. And to realize all of the 9 things I have written, the key foundation is to be good.
Good day, everyone! 

bossini jacket, shorts, vintage sandals
photos by: Rash

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