Thursday, August 7, 2014

For A Reason

No matter how upsetting life is, I am still a great believer of this old cliche that things happen for a reason. Even the smallest, ugliest, tiniest and all the -iest things have their purposes in this world. 
I was pushing onto two things in  and did not succeed nowadays, and the reason is I don't know, but if there is a reason for this, I wish it would be an item for me in public school. I am still hoping for that.
Just like this boyfriend jeans I have which I bought in a sale for only 899 pesos, I just did not know then why
this has a loose fitting (I was naive), and until now I just knew its purpose why it was created this way. Men would you believe that this is good when paired with sexy tops and resulted to boyish style with feminine vibe which is "in" in today's fashion world.? This drives me to ransack my loose jeans and maybe just fold the lower hems for a chic look.
 And whatever may be happening in our lives whether we like it or not, it has its reason, and we just have to accept it for with it there is a hidden beauty that maybe others can and can't see.
Good Day, everyone!

 jeans from jagarmani exchange top, zara from Ate Sha, design bag, accessories from me
photos by Rash

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