Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Moods Of August

Hi everyone! This day, I  am featuring my very critic slash photographer slash best friend slash living investment slash sister, Rashel with her moods of August as mestiza.

1. Ladylike
August is a rainy month and nothing has to do with it but to express your "you" ladylike. Why? It is because nobody would be outside (because it's raining) to watch that hidden lady in you (got it? got it?) I mean those who are hesitated to wear dresses, this is the best time to do. But if you like to have a picture outside, have a hat and a boats against the pouring rain. Go for upper knee dresses to highlight that long -legged mestiza vibe.

2. Shorts and Sleeveless
If you can fight the rain and the cold, go in shorts and be the best version of the girl in the rain.
3.Taylor Swiftt-yyy
Or be like Taylor who opts for classic ensemble almost every day. And speaking of classic, I keep my mouth shut off it.

make-up and photos by me, Jehan
clothes are model's own

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