Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Updated Version Of Me 101 (LOOKS)

I can't believe I am past in my teenage years, but I am always acting like a teenager. Maybe, I'm a teen at heart forever! lol.
My birthday was celebrated solemnly, and I had so much introspection and thought of things I have in me to be up updated. Here they are:
1. no supplement intake to supplement user. I never take supplements for a reason, but now I take
vitamin C which is good for my skin.
2. bare face to cream overload face. Okay2x I am really aware of sun's effect to skin; that's why after I cleanse my face I put moisturizer then sunblock  and another cream with spf (you see I have three layers on) and hopefully powder, but I am not a powder girl, but I will try.
3. bare eyes to vixen eyes (maybe). I know I have beautiful eyes (in my own opinion), and I used to put mascara on, eye liner and eye shadow on them , but I got eye irritation. But this time I don't want to tolerate it because I know I will be immune at it . I flaunt my asset.
4. bare eyes (again) to protected eyes. You know I have really a very sensitive eyes. They are irritated with the heat, wind, dust, smoke, etc. making them red--yyyy like a Dracula. That's why I always wear sunglasses and put my Doctor prescribed eye solution.
5. bare lips to sultry one. Sometimes my lips get dry because I am lazy putting moisturizers on, but now I care them, and I put lipstick on specially red (Pettemine said I look good at it; that's why lol)
6. un-framed brows to slightly framed one. Amazing how these little things put oomph to our face. We must have a right shape for our face.
7. unruly hair to manageable hair. I have really a natural curly hair, and I get my hair rebonded so the new growth becomes unruly that's why I apply ellips treatmenjt oil with goodness of Moroccan oil-good for the hair.
8. skipping lotion to full loaded lotion. Moisturized skin beautiful no matter what complexion and on day time? with spf one.
9. T-shirt and jeans combo to girly combo. Yeah I need to be good every day.
10. spartan girl (haha) to sandals girl. Yeah I shift to sandals now because I need to be good (I said it now again!)
These are just physical one. I will publish another UPDATED VERSION OF ME which portrays on my character soon.

jag jeansnatasha heels and bag, orange top from Ate Claire
photos by Rash

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