Tuesday, August 19, 2014


There is always a child side in each of us where we play on things not suited for our age. Though things go like that, I for one always have a childish character in me. But when serious mood is demanded on me , I never have a time to play or even attempt to play. But human as we are, I understand the situation of those relationships and particularly individuals who in one way or another were broken because of playing and
cheating in between ( you know what I mean).
I always understand the situation and individuals' actions, but for this time I'm hoping to be understood when it's my turn to play (literally and figuratively speaking). But figuratively speaking, it's impossible for me to play because conscience dictates so.
I may sound abstract today, and I'm sorry for that, but hopefully you like my photos though most of them are bluuuuuurrrrrrred.:-) #greenphorographer
Good day, everyone!

photos by Rash
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