Monday, September 8, 2014


So this time is Ate Glaiza's turn to share her more mature answers in her whereabouts...welcome and happy reading!
Name: Glaiza Mohammad
Age: 26 years old

Ambition: Since I accomplished already my first ambition, for now I want to be a policewoman and soon to be a lawyer. lol
Motto: "Leave footprints of kindness wherever you go." It's a simple phrase where people you mingle with can simply remember you.
Hobbies: I have so many hobbies that perhaps describe me as a whole like having exercise. This probably helps me lessen stress and stay fit..I guess ;-) I love sometimes reading articles. I love going to somewhere where I can be myself; mingle with other people and make friends with them; enjoy the nature and be amazed with its natural beauty and awesome landscape. I also love net surfing to update and know the whereabouts of my family, relatives, old and new friends in a sensible or sometimes non- sensible
I also love cooking from which I share the food to my friends and co workers. I was born to be a chef...maybe hehe
Who are you stalking online?: In this mundane world, I secretly stalk to secret  lol. Even though I am stalking I want my privacy to be respected.
Who is your greatest crush?: Channing Tatum is one of my greatest crushes on earth hehe. Believe me, he is absolutely handsome and hunk.
How do you foresee yourself five years from now?:Five years is maybe too long for you not to become what and who you want to be. Well, I guess it's just numerical. You don't need to time yourself. Remember you have a lot of time but be sure it's not wasted or taken for granted. Live it with joy, love, appreciation, gratefulness, kindness, and humility.
What is your go- getter outfit?: I don't have. I just believe in my own "taste"- a taste to choose of what clothes to wear and a thought of confidence.
What is your favorite movie?: I love watching action, science fiction, horror, magical, and adventure movies.
What is your favorite song?: I love listening to music which makes me feel alive and relax.
What is your message to yourself?: Stay strong and humble hehe... am I? We all have our purposes here on earth. Wherever we may go, we should always show respect and humility to all the people we mingle with rich and poor alike. We need also to understand their weaknesses and consider the principle of individual differences.

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