Monday, September 8, 2014


Hi everyone! I'll be introducing to you my two sisters who really influence my whole life. 
Sisters really are the bestest of all.  Today is Rashel's sort of life and next one is Ate Glaiza's as I interviewed them last time. Take a look at first Rashel's childish (lol) whereabouts in this blog post.

Name: Rashel Mohammad
Age: 12 years old

Ambition: To be a supermodel
Motto: Aim high and hit the mark!
Hobbies: Playing Barbie dolls and sketching, sewing clothes for them.
Who are you stalking online: Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne
Who is your greatest crush: None
How do you foresee yourself 5 years from now?: I will be more beautiful! lol
What is your go-getter outfit?: dress
Who is your style inspiration?: Taylor Swift because she is always classic.
What is your favorite movie and why?: All Barbie movies because they are beautiful, and Barbie is such a beauty icon.

What is your favorite song? Why?: "All of Me" by John Legend. I like the tone of it and its message.
What is your message to yourself?: "Rashel, memorize and master the multiplication table...ASAP! lol

photos by : jehan

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