Monday, September 15, 2014

What I've Been Up To Lately

I am writing my novel.

I'm a busy buddy all day (in my own opinion lol). I juggle everything in my hand though not perfectly enough, but I am still happy. I really want to document every single day of my life because I am getting older, and I want to have many memories while I am still young lol. Mama said I need to do what I want to and flaunt what I have because ten years from now I would regret on not doing the things I want rather on the things I
So now, I'm gonna show you what I did lately though not as perfect as what you think, but I was very very happy. Happiness above all matters most.
God bless, everyone!

 Have a shoot from my relatives.

 Someone is looking up to us and wanted to do the same thing;meet the boy, Wency Aniano

The first photo is from google.

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