Sunday, October 19, 2014

Favorite Photos Of The Month

Whenever I surf on the net, I always look at those blogs with great photography like Kayture and Gary Pepper Girl and secretly wanting to have pictures like them or worse borrow their photographers, cameras, and editing (of photo) skills for a while. haha
Whenever I open my facebook account I'm always looking for well- photographed photos- something like that has a story to tell and something like moving. But, I'm not that perfectionist; that's why whenever I scroll down, I like every pic I met no matter how nasty  because I know as a blogger and a little bit photographically inclined, it's hard to capture visual, artistic, or free-spirited photos. I am an avid liker on facebook.

And today's blog post's photos are a favorite of mine because I considered them visual, artistic, and free- spirited (what do you think?). Well, I think they are. hehe
It's not easy doing this shot. I always turned around and moved here and there in an elevated and rocky area where these plants belong, and with that I stumbled for the nth time. I ended up not crying but laughing out loud of my ordeal. And even more, my photographer laughed too much that she could no longer hold the camera but to her stomach aching for laugh. But no regrets though, I still love what I do. With that I realize, does Nicole Warne experience the same thing with me? maybe...???
The outcome photos maybe perfect and beautiful, but behind the lens work matters most to my favorite photos of the month. 
I am so proud of my sister in capturing these photos. So glad she learns more and more.

photographer: Rashel S. Mohammad

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