Saturday, October 25, 2014

Memories That Keep Us Going

Scent really makes us travel to the memories of the past either good or bad. It reminds us of a definite person, place, or thing in our lives that brought us happiness and sorrow.
But sometimes we do not need scents to unearth our bad and happy memories. By just simply looking at the thing or place and closing of the eyes seem like a time machine going back to the time. And when we go back, we cry at our failure or sorrowful things that passed away, and we laugh again at those happy events.
Sometimes, we laugh at our cries maybe because of a childish reason, and silly one, and we cry for some happiness that has gone and would never ever come back.

Funny as it seems, but that's life after all. And no matter what we do, there are really memories- good or bad- that keep us going in our everyday living.
We have these memories that serve a gasoline in this so-called life.

1. The memories of love keep us going.
Each of us can bring exhilarating and excruciating effects of love to others. When we are exhilarated by it, we keep going on and stay healthy, young, and happy for we want the power of forever- happy with no ending. When we are hurt like when our hearts seem like a crumpled one due to infidelity or revenge, we still go on for the power of proof. We want to prove to the one who hurt us that it is not our loss but his. We want to prove that we are beyond what others (who are hurting us) expected of us. And with that, we believe in the power of improvement and excellence to prove our worth. But sad to say, others end up killing themselves.

2. The memories of promise keep us going.
Have you ever been promised by someone to be his forever and ever no matter what happens? or do you promise something like that to someone? Either way, these keep us alive and kicking.When we are promised, we want the power of time to be at our hands so that a decade maybe would seem like tomorrow. When we promised to someone, we want the power of worth to measure our deeds and on how true we are to our promise.

3. The memories of excellence keep us going.
Nobody wants to forget a merit so great in one's part. It gives colorful flowers to the dull garden of our lives. And one thing, it is boasting, and it wants us to do good again. But don't God always be the glory.

4. The memories of failure keep us going.
We can't teach someone to win in all games. We lose sometimes; we knock out, but our standing matters most. Our failures don't define us. Failures keep us going to try even harder not maybe for the best but this time, for better.

5. The memories of dream keep us going.
We dream to be anything and anyone we want, and we won't stop until such dream will be a reality. If the road towards our dreams is not paved yet, pave it for the power of our dreams. And when our dreams are fulfilled, we are still dreaming for out of our dreams lie millions of dreams within.

What keeps you going?
Good day, and save more memories!
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