Thursday, December 11, 2014

Foregrounds Used Lately

If you guys noticed my photos recently, I can't really deny that I am loving foregrounding effects.
So it is the opposite of backgrounding where the background photos are blurred making the subject to shoot on clear.
Foregrounding on the other hand may happen even in just a little thing blurry in the near view making the background view clear.
"My favorite photos of the Month" for instance all lies down on the effect of cosmos plants used as a
Any thing could be used as foreground depending on what concept you are in- vintage, rock, moody, retro, playful, etc.
Here are some photos of mine using foregrounds.
See for yourself.
Foregrounding maybe look good but adding a little effort on the shoot would do wonder.
Good luck, and keep on shooting.
Photos by: Rashel Mohammad
1. lilac and rose plants
2. cactus and teal-colored purse
3. san francisco and fortune plants
4. cabbage and maroon-y plants
5. mayana and cosmos plants

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