Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just Happy

It is just so amazing to say that there exist happiness in our lives. It is a very special gift everyone must have. 
If you are happy, everyone around you feels happy too (except for the "pure nega" though).
Everyone wants to be happy right? So here are few tips to make a simple day very very happy (just my point of view).

1. Take time to eat by savoring your food. In today's fast pace world, everyone seems in a hurry to go to the office, to check his/her FB account,etc. Sometimes scolding to siblings or other members of the family occurs in meal time. Remember food is a cure and a gift to be appreciated. Go on, savor every flavor.
2. Meditate. Let your inner self be at peace. Your bad doings, sins, and hatred may all be natural for you are just humans, but meditation works as a mirror looking beyond what you left and foresee the future with great heart and never do bad again.
3. Give time to yourself. A day work may drain you, and it is important to treat yourself right. May it be a spa day in home, a new perspective in life, a very favorite meal of yours...everything is possible under the sun.
4. Happy Heart. If you live with God beside you, it seems like a heaven already.
5. Give praise. It is not good that you only accept praise, but giving it makes wonder too. You are making the people around you beautiful, confident and happy too.
Have a good day every one!

Photos by: Rashel Mohammad
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