Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I am Dreaming Of Paris

I bet you had seen already pictures like these in my previous blog post in "My Prayers To The World" article, but this set of pictures are separated by me from the mentioned article for it fitted to the title of my article today where the tower in this area is really somewhat like the Eiffel Tower at a distant. hehehe
Yeah....Just like I said I am dreamer. And today, to dream it big, there is no other escape but to dream the city of love-Paris.

Every time I see Nicole's, Kristina's and Kim Jones's blogs, the picture they have in Paris are so magical and romantic especially on the side of the tower where flowers are abundant, certainly a must- see and picture perfect.
Maybe if I could have money, I would really travel first in Paris not maybe with a special someone but with my family.
Since, Eiffel Tower is a strict evidence of a visit to Paris, another one is to eat their famous macaroons...nomnomnom .After that, I would have my exit to UK via train to see the prince of my life-Prince Harry of Wales.hehehe
Keep dreaming everyone and have a good day!

Photos by: Rashel Mohammad

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