Saturday, December 20, 2014

Life Goes In Circles

I am always wondering why everything seems to have a shape of a circle.
The moon, sun, the planet, the tumors, the number zero, the wheels, the solar system, etc. have this shape.
Even our life seems to have this path too. We are up and sometimes down like a wheel.
Our eyes have this shape too. And speaking of eyes, they can roll down, up, left, right...
This is maybe the reason why God wants our lives to follow this so- called path so that (just like the eyes) we can see and mingle others, and be humble when we are down and realize that there is really hope and

happiness and see heaven every after down.
Nothing is really permanent. Even change is continually changing for better or worse.
We were babies then children, teenagers, adults, and someday we will be old and die like that. It is inevitable.
All we have to do is to live life to the fullest no matter what will happen. Let us enjoy and consider every incident a purpose not maybe for our own good but for others.
We are interconnected. We affect each other in any ways according to God's plans.
Since life goes in circle that we end up dying, it is not a reason to be bitter. 
We live with mistakes in our hands, but we will die with so many lessons learned because life after all is a lesson.
 Nobody's perfect, and nobody has to be.
We are perfectly imperfect and beautifully broken every after fall. But, what matters most is a fulfilling and grateful heart to above thinking not the failure but the lessons learned and life's adventure.
Since life goes in circle, just like it, at the end we have really nothing in our hands but footprints of kindness in our hearts.

God bless everyone!
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