Friday, January 16, 2015

20 Things I Want To Fulfill Before I Get 30!

You are only as old as you feel.
When you're getting older, time seems to fly so fast, and you want the night to be a day to accomplish all the task you want to do. My very advice for the young generation: NEVER EVER WASTE TIME; DO SOMETHING REMARKABLE EVERY DAY!
And now that it's a new year, and it seems like there is another one year that will be added to my life, I would like to share with you guys the things I want to fulfill before I get 3O (even though it's too far pa for inspiration purposes ;-)). They are also part of my bucket list- an inspiration from Ma'am Jeassel Laxa (mind the spelling ma'am haha)

1. to travel to at least five countries abroad with my family (as much as possible)
2. to explore the whole Philippines (wink wink) with my family (as much as possible too)
3. to have my own house and lot
4. to have my own car and scooter
5. to establish  profitable businesses
6. to pay at least 3 musical instruments very well-guitar, piano, and violin hehe
7. to graduate in my master and doctorate degrees
8. to be renowned  fiction and inspirational author
9. to publish at least one book
10. to have my own web site
11. to study photography
12. to take up vocal lesson hehehe
13. to study sewing for clothes making
14. to wed the man I love and have a wonderful and successful family and children with 
15. to be a successful international fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger
16. to be part of the print and ad media even just local ;-)
17. to have units in Science and Mathematics
18. to publish at least three fictions online
19. to have a laser hair removal and dare the BIKINIS ;-)
20. to have my RAI (Radio Active Iodine for my Thyroid)\

What is in your bucket list? Share them on my Facebook account to spread the inspiration.
God bless everyone!

photos b: Rashel Mohammad
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