Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sit And Pose

It is just so amazing how boredom gets you creative with an instant or more than what you think of. I must agree, creativity is just everywhere. You need to discover it or even search it for yourself. Creativity doesn't always be brand new, beautiful (out of beautiful stuffs; there is beauty in rugged too) or in a beautiful setting; sometimes it just pop up out of nowhere- without being planned to.
Even just smiling could go a long run of words. Sitting with posing is what I am talking here. hehehe. Yeah these pictures I have were taken out of my boredom at home.

Why waste the time when you can fill in every minute on the things you want even though others can't connect with you . But why bother other people's opinion when you see beauty everywhere and unfortunately they don't see. My main point here is love what you do and do what you want to. Every minute counts; don't waste it. Make use of it. Even just simply sitting and posing like a pro mod could make a great thing!
P.S. Never waste time trying to explain to people who are committed to misunderstanding who you really are.--unknown
Have a great day, everyone!

Lily Carl topAvon necklace, vintage skirt, floche wedge
photos by: Rashel Mohammad
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