Saturday, January 24, 2015

Looking Back At 2014

I don't have a very remarkable 2014. It had been an up and down year especially at the 3/4th part of the year. I had been so down that I almost gave up. But the remaining 1/4th part had been so up especially on my pursuit to blogging and putting my thoughts online and reading others' stories online too that were very very inspiring and helped me coped up with my depression. Twenty fourteen (2014) may not be very

remarkable, but indeed it was very unforgettable-unforgettable in the sense that I had so many lessons learned that would be carried throughout my life and maybe spread them as inspiration to others. 
Just like I said, my pursuit to blogging had been a great contribution to my fight in life's not so good surprises, and with that I want to see my work and let the memory keep in me and in my readers.
This post is better late than never.hehe
God bless everyone and always share the inspiration.

P.S. Please don't compare me with other bloggers; I am just a beginner in this business.  ;-)

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