Tuesday, February 3, 2015

10 Reasons Why I am Blogging

Okay...here is what I am trying to clear the view guys- I am not rich to blog. Maybe other bloggers are really so damn rich that could afford to do and buy things for their blog, but exempt me to that. But for sure and definitely true, BLOGGERS BLOG JUST TO ENJOY AND SHARE A PASSION of whatever sorts and chosen craft.
Many readers of mine mistaken me as a rich person. I tell you, I am just ordinary. You can just see me elsewhere in a T shirt and jeans combo  and worst in a rugged face. lol

You don't have to be rich to blog or follow your dreams in life. You don't have to own the world to become successful. Use what you have and do what you can in a good way.
So, for those who are asking why I blog..here are some reasons why and maybe could urge you to blog too.
 1. I want to enjoy.
This is really my first reason. I just realized one day that I am getting older, and my dreams are still asleep; I want to awake them. And since I got sick then, I realized that I need to enjoy life while there is still time because I don't know my future. So, I conquered the computer in the faculty room on December 20, 2012 and opened blogspot.com. Imagine what I feel when I saw my first work on the web. My first blog title was PERDIEMACTS. I want to record my everyday doings to track my life , but due to lack of time, computer and internet connection, I was not able to fulfill or work on my first blog, but I never stopped taking pictures using my phone. Life is too short; we need to enjoy it to the fullest.
2. I want to share a passion.
As a teacher, I believe that Multiple Intelligence exist, but one is really a master of one or two or three intelligence through constant practice.
As a child then, I was passionate about pictures in the magazines and wondered how photographers did such. I always forced myself to read even though my eyes ached just to become a reader just like my fav teachers. Until such time came that I would no longer like to be a reader but a writer so that others would read my work.
Until the word "blog" came in this century, and my ears tickle upon hearing it, so I searched the meaning of it: a journal only available online.
The definition did not satisfy me, so I checked out blogs featured in the magazines- and boom: pictures and words in one- I know at that time this is what I wanted to do.
3. I want to be a model in my own world (lol) and be an inspiration.
The taking of nature's pictures had bored me
especially if I don't really have a place to shoot on, so I thought to myself- why not involve in it- so my posing in any place came in to a birth. lol
4. Vintage clothes from my grandma and my mother are enormous that we left some of them in Mindanao.
So, the retro style came in that I ended up ransacking lola's pile of clothes and took a photo. That's why the first title of my blog "Harbored From Mama" came into being to cater the two girls' vintage clothes.
5. Ate Claire Baring, a cousin of mine and a fashionista always gives her leftover clothes to me.
As a teacher , I am always exposed to school programs and ended myself being an emcee, so Ate Claire gives some of her clothes which are once or twice worn by her. They became many that I'd never really worn some of them yet because I am always in a uniform; out of boredom especially during weekend, I took a shoot.
So to say, almost all of my dresses in my blog were given by Ate Claire.
Thank you so much , Ate Claire.
6. Some other people close to me also gave their accessories, bags, clothes, and footwear (some are branded) to me.
So instead of looking at them in the cabinet and waiting for a special occasion to come so I can wear them, I wear them in my shoot for my blog. hehe. I want to have a special mention to Ate Benita Baring, Ante Mylene Fernandez and Ate Bebing baring for their generosity.
7. I am a loner type of person and boredom makes me think and think and think.
Thanks to my silence, I can write article for my blog, and these articles are useless if unpublished.
8. I am a silent person that' s why I want to travel and be a story teller to the world through my blog.
9. One of the things I have in my bucket list is to have a website.
Yeah..I want to fulfill that dream.
I am a reader online, and I know someday  for sure people will be an online readers too, so I build my blog so that others can read my thoughts and be inspired.
10. I want to challenge myself so that I can know what I can become and hit something big in the future for my career.
10.1. I don't know what happened to my sight that I see beauty in everything I see, so I captured it with my lens and share it with the world...like this bush called "gwaras" in Cebuano. hehe

Have an inspiration-filled days ahead everyone.
Share the inspiration.

photos by ; Rashel Mohammad


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