Friday, February 27, 2015

5 Things To Start My Day Great

I always believe in the power of sweet beginnings of the day. Hence, I always have longer hours in the morning spending on the things/ rituals I have- like savoring the citrus y aroma of my warm water before indulging anything else in my mouth down to my way to work in a walking mood.They are just some simple things I have that would surely make my day complete. In short, they are part of my starters in the beginning

of the day, and I believe would work on my readers too. So here they are:
1. Prayer. I always wake up with a thankful heart - knowing that a new day lies new hopes, chances amd dreams for me. I thank God always for mornings; this makes my day mood on set to the next step.
2. Fixing pillows, blankets, etc. This thing is just so simple that others tend to abandon the things they have slept on. This is my kinda workout where I usually stretch my body and lift some-not-just-so heavy things.
3. Music and warm water (sometimes with citrus) together. I have playlist in my phone, but grandma usually wants music in the radio like the morning praises song in DYVL FM. Religious songs make someone angelic (hehe). So while listening to this, I sip citrus-y warm water to detoxify (this helps fight colds, and helps lose weight). Then, I drink my lifetime medicated hormone.
4. Discharge and Cleanse. My day is not complete without discharging, and I know others are too. And even more, my day is not complete if I don't take a bath and exfoliate my skin.
5. A great breakfast with coffee. Okay..a great breakfast doesn't  mean a banquet. A dried fish or egg, or sauted  eggplant with egg or else corned beef in garlic and onion in a rice are all great for me. Please add the coffee for the wide-awake all day. HEHE
These things are just simple, but they are so important. The key to appreciate them is by SAVORING them. Don't be in a hurry. Take time to meditate, exercise (a little), listen, sip, detoxify, eat and savor the moment of every morning. Feel the sunrise even. 
Have a great day!

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phtos by: Rashel Mohammad
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