Monday, March 16, 2015

10 Things You Can Create Out of Boredom

When boredom strikes ...tadaaaa.. One can create a lot of things totally worth remembering and plus points- useful and inspiring.
1. Color, Size, Texture , Use- coding of the things you have in your house or in your closet.
2. Discover new food recipe out of leftover foods at home.
3. Create that one masterpiece love story you always figure out in your mind  for the nth times.

4. Do the highest number of "selfies" ever written in history and be  a "selfie" king or queen.
5. Clean the house, scrub the floor, wash the do the household chores once in a while. Mom would be so proud.
6. Take that capture and be the best photographer version of yourself in an ordinary setting.
7. Create your blog now and track yourself or your progress.
8. Think/ plan that super fun adventure you want with your family or friends or with the people close to you this summer.
9. Do the "reading of fiction books"  and other things that are traditional. Maybe you will discover what you really like or want in life. Meditate even to reflect life's happenings.
10. Wear that outfit you've always wanted, like these pics I have with an oversized blazer (got it from grandma lol)- urrgghh, a new kinda style to wear. 
Forget about me. What's yours guys?

Photos by: Rashel

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