Tuesday, April 7, 2015

5 Things You'll Always Enjoy in the Province

I always have a laid back soul- not that I am opposed to high change of the world (because blogging exist here lol) and city lifestyle, but my heart really opts to some things to be traditional like making "harana"  or serving at the girl's house in courting, sending lovely letters (for my poetic soul), walking briskly or riding a
kalesa (horse-driven carriage) to a destination, eating lunch packed in a banana leaf, greeting folks every time someone meets them and kissing their hands even to show respect (I still do this), or lie in a hammock for a

siesta. These things are AWESOME. I always love province because of the simple way of living.
And now that it's summer time, and others (like me) are looking for summer adventure, I really recommend going home to one's province for the following reasons:

1. fresh air, food and green environment. Since some provinces are not fully industrialized yet, trees that give fresh air are abundant. Vegetables in the garden are organic which are very good for the health. And if one lives near by the sea, he/ she could get shells, seaweeds and fish fresh from the sea. nomnomnom

2. simple life. No complications. One could eat on time and sleep on time too (for those who are not fond of night partying) which is good for the health for the repair of  the body cells.

3. easy access to mountain area (bukid) for some picnic or trekking  or nature adventure, or beach bonding with the family  and still enjoying the fresh air. Plus points- island hopping.

4. peaceful environment. Mountainous area (like where I live) is free from noise pollution (except when there is a karaoke jamming in my neighborhood when there is an occasion hehe) so good for meditation and reading, studying and planning the future. hehe

5. sea the brave sunrise and catch the humble sunset in a so- natural setting.

Oh, province life! ;-)

photos by: Rash

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