Tuesday, April 7, 2015


 Wherever I go I always bring the simplest version of me because naturally I am just a simple girl with big dreams. nakksss....
I am always a go-getter for shirt/ blouse and jeans combo wherever I go because I want to feel comfortable

in whatever I do. Dress and skirt and blouse combo would be my favorite meal, but there's nothing more at home when I show the simplest part of me which is exuded from the inner part of my soul.
What one thinks inside of his head and what he feels in his heart will always exude outside and shows the real him.
Everyone has his own version of a simplest thing in his vocabulary, and this outfit I have in a simple setting might not suit to his idea of simplest outfit, there is no need to worry. That reflects individual differences. No two persons are alike (not even twins).
How about you? What's your simplest version?

photos by: Rash

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