Saturday, July 4, 2015

Having A life Is A Luxury Itself

I always think in my previous post that traveling is really the best luxury in life.With it, I imagine myself being rich with knowledge from different culture and beautiful scenery that I could only read in the books or sometimes not being read at all. I was lost in a moment of my life always thinking about my next travel even just local that I end up being in fast pace with my life. I never any more notice even little things that make me 
happy before, yet I never thought that traveling could be such exhausting and enjoyable at same time.
So to speak, I forgot the value of my life that after all it is the best thing that happened to me. Others end up  killing themselves and ending it because of frustrations and pains without realizing that it is an innate luxury given from above. With it, we can do anything we want and all the more do the traveling we always wanted (that I thought is the best luxury).

And with this realization, I must invest  on myself-my life- so that I can let others know that their lives are the best luxuries too-priceless and  rare through different experiences.

Life after all is very colorful..

What is your idea of luxury?

God bless, everyone!

photos by: Rash

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