Friday, July 10, 2015

It Always Looks Like This

Good day guys!
I will let myself have a break on my outfit post and share with you, guys the view at home that makes me look forward for sunset's coming.
Well as a self-confessed nature lover, I consider myself lucky enough to have witnessed this view every fine weather. When others in some icy places don't experience this view at theirs and seek some places to see sunset, I want to say gladly with pure heart that I AM INDEED LUCKY IN THIS WAY. hehehe
Sometimes, it is a fierce sunset like that of first photo; sometimes it is in pastel color, and most of the time clear from which I did not capture for it looks (for me) just ordinary and can be seen in some of my previous posts.
Though I see the sky like this in my most favorable way, I still dream of looking at sunset in some places like the sunset in Manila Bay in Philippines, Sunset in Bali, Indonesia (oh that reflection!), Sunset in L.A during summer time, Shark's Cove (I think in Hawaii), Sunset in Boracay, Philippines, in Maldives and in Turkey while watching at air balloons!
These are just dreams of mine to tackle. Hopefully I can see them.

Do you have any sunset view recommendations, guys?
 Feel free to comment.

God bless, everyone!
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