Monday, July 20, 2015

Ripped Denim Shorts


LOCATION:   Odlot Hideaway Beach Resort
                                Odlot, Bogo City, Cebu, Philippines

When I go on a trip, I always make sure I wear comfortable clothes. I always prefer jeans or shorts for a large cover up of my legs from the harsh sun and comfortable cotton-y top to absorb sweat because my back sweats like waterfalls. ;-) Adventurous people in tropical countries I think feel the same way too.
In speaking of adventurous, my heart jumps with joy when I hear it  (and all the words that affiliate with it). I always opt short/jeans and shirt combo in rugged way possible so that I can move freely to and fro. Well, I
ransacked my cabinet and found this D-I-Y (do it yourself) ripped shorts which I think an epic failed ripped shorts D-I-Y thing. hehe 
It's a comfortable thing because the ripped parts serve as ventilation to my legs. ;-)

Moreover, my friend and I started our travel at 12:00 noon to this destination, and the sun is so alive and harsh (though summer months are done here in the Philippines). But hey, I am in a tropical country which has two seasons- wet and dry. When it's dry, it's hot, and when it's wet, it's raining. Sometimes it's a bipolar weather. So either way, I make sure I am ready.

This is the first part of my adventure happened last weekend and
sorry guys for the blog hiatus. xoxo

levi's shorts, bench top,
sunneies by charlie,

photos by: Jenevie Catapan

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