Tuesday, August 4, 2015

10 Reasons Why Being Funny Is Good

"The best antidote to sadness is to smile or even laugh at the world".

There is always a child inside us, and it is shown with someone we are most comfortable with. It is designed for something or many reasons to go, but my reasons in showing them are here from the quirky side of me hehe:

1.It paves away wrinkles so youth genes are still visible. hehe
2. It strengthens the immune system; laughing is really the best medicine.
2.1. It is an absolute abs-maker . ;-)
3. It's is contagious in a good way that others may end up laughing as well.
4. It drives you nuts and makes you think of your childhood years.
5. It is precious without breaking the bank.
6. It is indeed a good memory to remember.
7. It is the best exercise of the face and of the lungs.
8. It boosts memory as well, and makes someone more hopeful.
9. It makes you a hero for you let others smile.
10. It's a unique gift that only we humans can do and makes us different from animals.

So keep smiling, laughing, and being funny at the same time.
Have a great day!

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