Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Blue Valentine's Day at JSJS Mountain Resort

LOCATION:  Argao, Cebu
Last February 14, I was invited by JSJS Mountain Resort to witness its first ever Valentine's Day Dinner Buffet held at the newly-opened cafe- restaurant building. The place was so inviting with the
blue lights-very elegant indeed! The murals inside and outside the building were so appealing, and I got to take a photo with the giant-octopus mural. It was a fun experience even though I don't have a date. hehe
I went together with my friends at that time (so my friends are my Valentine's dates). We loved the food so much. Personally, I loved the roasted chicken, white spaghetti and onion soup.
Oh mention too the bathroom! -feels and smells like heaven I swear (but sorry for not having a photo of it; bad blogger! Hehe)

Thank you so much JSJS Mountain Resort for the great time. I had so much fun.
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