Friday, May 22, 2015

The Highlight

 LOCATION: Malapascua Island, Cebu, Philppines

Just like any trip, there is always been a favourite one, two, or more.

My trip to Malapascua Island last year (here, and here) and last 2012 had been the highlights of my summer trips in the respective years, and now (needless to say) going to Malpascua is still the highlight of my trip this year's summer.

It's been my third time but I never felt bored going there despite the heat because my going there is free and serve as a good venue to shoot on outfits for my blog. hehe
Though I'm not wearing bikinis here, but I made sure that I am still beach appropriate. So when I'm going to beach with a large crowd, I always opt to maxi dress. This also has a large protection coverage against the sun, so I feel carefree strolling on Malapascua's shore line (but of course I set a limitation to my sun exposure).

Moreover, this outfit is also the highlight among the many outfits I had in Malapascua. It had been captured by my co-teacher and naturally-photographer friend of mine, Jemar Bostrello.
I am always longing to have a shoot with this dress until a certain place in Malapascua Island came in to be the perfect setting of this. I considered these photos as my favourite photos of the month. ;-)
What do you think?

God bless everyone!

vintage dress, Novo hat

photos by: Jemar Bostrello

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